Reporting Student Progress

The School Community and Parent/Teacher Consultation

We welcome your involvement in the school and encourage you to participate in reading programs, working bees, gardening and cooking activities and other opportunities. The Child Safe Standards require  that parents who work directly with the children at school are obliged to have a Working With Children certificate, available free online for volunteers. There are a number of occasions through the year when you will be invited to take part in special days or events.

Peranbin campuses are friendly places and we value our parent groups and the contributions that parents make to their children’s education through fundraising and other activities, which bring parents together in pleasant, sociable ways.


Formal parent/teacher sessions occur each term where you will be able to discuss any aspect of your child’s progress with the class teacher. When your child is in year 3 or year 5 the term 3 parent/teacher interview offers an opportunity to discuss the NAPLAN test results. NAPLAN is the National Assessment Plan in Literacy and Numeracy, which tracks student achievement and progress in these areas. You are also most welcome to visit anytime you feel the need.



Reporting Student Progress

Written reports of children’s progress are sent home twice a year at the end of each semester. These reports show individual students’ progress, assessed against the Victorian Curriculum.


If you wish to discuss your child’s progress or behaviour, please arrange this through the office.  In this way teachers and children are not interrupted and an interview time suitable to you and the school can be arranged.


If children are experiencing particular difficulties, or if specific problems arise, parents will be notified and invited to discuss the matter with the teacher involved.


We hope that parents will share information about their child, which may help us understand problems, which arise. These areas include: physical impairments, fears and phobias, attitude to school, relationships with family members or changes to home circumstances.


Similarly, parents who have concerns about any aspects of their children’s school progress, behaviour, or attitude should contact the school to arrange an interview.


We also welcome news of achievements, positive experiences and successes so that we can celebrate and acknowledge your child at school.

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