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A good school is essentially an extension of a good home.  We aim to develop a learning environment in which children feel safe to learn and grow, feel valued for who they are and what they can contribute to the school community.

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Students in Year 3 and 5 have done their first online NAPLAN this year. Unlike previous years the test-ing runs over two weeks, which allows students to catch up on tests if they have missed a day. One benefit of online testing is that we will receive the results much earlier in the year.

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Baddaginnie & Swanpool News

This week has been brought to you by the letter Cc for Cailin and Cross Country! Children have been working on their fitness for the up-coming Cross Country next week when the weather has been conducive, much to the delight of the cows and sheep in the neighbouring paddocks.

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Strathbogie News

It’s been another busy week at Strathbogie and we have made the most of the days without rain outside with the students. They have made a fantastic cubby around the tree near the teacher tables and we played a chequers balance game for Physical Education.

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Violet Town News

We can definitely tell that winter is on the way at Violet Town. This week, the weather started turning cold and wet as the week went on, and we’ve had a fair few absences due to illness. We also had to have the water turned off at school!

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