Baddaginnie & Swanpool News

This week has been brought to you by the letter Cc for Cailin and Cross Country! Children have been working on their fitness for the up-coming Cross Country next week when the weather has been conducive, much to the delight of the cows and sheep in the neighbouring paddocks.

Thanks Megan for your company on our walks.

In Writing, Seniors and Juniors have been working on a persuasive text.
In Maths we have been working on Multiplication – “groups of” and making the children aware of strate-gies of how to problem solve X sums. Students have also been working on estimation and measuring – as per our distance for Cross Country. Firstly, we estimated, then measured the walking track that we are using in metres. Then we actually drove it – 2440 metres! Jayavedh was the closest estimator at 2450 m, followed closely by Yatra, 2500 m.

Congratulations to Katana for advancing to her Green MIOOW words this week.

We have also begun on our Integrated Studies for the term – Seniors are learning about Government in Australia, and have begun by focusing on our three levels of Government. Juniors are learning about Peo-ple Who Help Us, and in the coming weeks will have a guest speaker.

NAPLAN has been a part of the Year 3’s and 5’s week this week. Monday will be a catch-up day for any students who have missed any of the components.
Thanks for all your support in children’s homework this week – spelling tests and readers are going really well.

Have a great weekend.
Pauline, Robin, Lynda, Dianne and Barb

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