Peranbin Primary College

A good school is essentially an extension of a good home.  We aim to develop a learning environment in which children feel safe to learn and grow, feel valued for who they are and what they can contribute to the school community.

School today is different to the school you attended in your childhood.  We seek to develop each individual child to their highest potential in a non-competitive atmosphere. The school attempts to identify the physical, social and intellectual needs of each student and together with parents, it endeavours to develop the means whereby these needs may be met.  We value your input and the contribution you can make in working with us to provide the best education possible for your child.

If you have any questions, queries, concerns or problems, please contact the classroom teacher, Campus Manager or Principal, as soon as possible. Good two-way communication is essential if we are to work as a team.  We value having you and your family as members of our school community.

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