College Council

The College Council is a representative body of parents, teachers and members of the community.


The composition (14 members) of the College Council is as follows:

  • 6 elected parent representatives who are non-Department of Education employees.
  • 4 elected Department of Education employees. These are usually teachers but may be parents who work for the Department of Education.
  • 3 Co-opted members. Council usually co-opts parents in April and attempts to gain equitable representation of campuses through this process.
  • 1 Principal as Executive Officer


The School Council’s role is:


( I )        to advise the Principal and staff on the general educational policy of the school.

( ii )        to ensure that buildings and grounds are kept in good condition, make recommendations for    replacement, extension, alteration and general improvements of buildings and grounds.

( iii )       to enter into contract for and/or construct buildings with DET approval.

( iv )       to ensure that school funds are used for proper purposes and arrange for annual audit.

( v )       to conduct general educational activities for the local community and authorize the use of the school grounds and buildings under conditions they may consider desirable.

( vi )       to generally stimulate interest in the school.

( vii )      to employ non-teaching staff, part-time teaching staff for special subjects and community education and teacher aides.  The Principal oversees this role.

( viii )     to arrange cleaning, suitable accommodation for teachers and carry out any other prescribed duties.


Parents who are unable to serve on the council, are invited to contact any of the Council Members who will raise matters on their behalf at monthly meetings.


Parents are also reminded that observers are always welcome at Council meetings, which are advertised in the Peranbin Press. They may be heard but they do not have voting rights.


School Council President:  Steven Jeffery

Vice President:  Skye Miller                                    

Minute Secretary:  Kimberley Amott


The College Council runs sub-committees, which meet on a regular basis. The convenor of these committees is usually a college councillor, though parents who are not councillors are encouraged to be members.


In general, much of the work of research and decision making is done by the members of these committees. The decisions are then presented to college council for discussion and approval.

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