A Message from the Principal

Welcome to Peranbin Primary College. We are confident that your child’s introduction to school life here will be a happy and fruitful one. Our school values are Respect, Integrity, High Expectations and Responsibility. Our vision is to be a caring and inclusive environment where all students are supported to do their very best.


If this is your first child to attend our school, we hope that this booklet will help outline the organization of the college. In addition, it provides you with some ideas you may wish to think about before school starts and on the first school day.


If you already have children at the college, the booklet will serve to refresh your memory and provide you with some new information.


Parents are reminded that the Foundation Grade, as its name implies, is a time of laying foundations for years of successful learning. It is a time during which children adjust socially, emotionally and physically to a new environment.


During this year, children are introduced to key learning areas with a primary focus on Literacy and Numeracy. Students also explore Integrated Studies comprising Science, History and Geography, Music, Drama, Art and Physical Education. In addition to these key learning areas the college also provides students with a range of extra-curricular activities including camps and excursions, swimming program, incursions and community activities.


We trust that this will be the first of many happy and profitable years in your child’s journey through their educational life. An open and positive partnership between you and the school will lead to the very best educational and social development of your child. We look forward to working with you to achieve that.


Angela Holleran


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