Violet Town News

We can definitely tell that winter is on the way at Violet Town. This week, the weather started turning cold and wet as the week went on, and we’ve had a fair few absences due to illness. We also had to have the water turned off at school!

Through all of that, though, the kids who’ve been at school have been happy, cheerful and vibrant. We capped off the end of the week with the Friday Special Lunch Order, where stu-dents could have party pies, party sausage rolls and/or spinach and ricotta party sausage rolls, as well as a prima.

In the Junior Room this week, the students have been doing well, with an absent Miss Ringin. Ms Cam-eron has been helping the kids to learn location in Maths. They have been doing work to understand their left and right, as well as flip and draw. In Writing, they are beginning to learn about how to write an explanation. They had to write a list of things they know a lot of information about. In Inquiry, they had a visitor from the CFA to explain how they help up.

In the Senior Room this week, we have had NAPLAN on. The students in Year 3 have been sitting down to complete Writing, Reading, Conventions of Language and Numeracy tests. With most of the tests be-ing on the computer for the first time. Around this, students have still been working as normal in Writing, where they have been writing a story with the theme of emergency. In Maths, they have been revising written strategies for addition and subtraction. And in Inquiry, Ms Cameron had the students run for a mini election and complete ballot papers to vote in the election.

We hope all sick students get better as soon as possible, because we miss their smiles at school.

Katrina, Kim and Monique.

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