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Violet Town


Violet Town Rural or Common School, as it was known, was first opened in 1858.

In January 1873, the school became known as Violet Town State School. At that time, Mr George Berkeley was Head Teacher.

Before the school was built, the children and teacher would assemble in the private home of Mr H Carter.

The State Board of Education had trouble deciding on the site for the Violet Town School. They finally settled on the site of the old Police Station along the Honeysuckle Creek, its present site. Originally the department intended to erect a weatherboard building, 36′ x 20′. The school was finally built (as it stands today) in 1879.

The current school building was refurbished in 1997, with the addition of the office administration area, staff room and art room. Further additions have come and gone with portable classrooms being replaced in 2010 under the Rudd government’s Building the Education Revolution program.

Other schools in the district that were eventually to close included: