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The current Strathbogie campus was Strathbogie Group School prior to becoming part of Peranbin Primary College in 1994.

The original Strathbogie State School was opened in 1879 with 45 pupils on the roll. It was temporarily closed in 1880 due to scarlet fever, and again in 1881 due to an outbreak of whooping cough. The school was originally located nearly 2 kilometres out of the township on the corner of Polly McQuinn’s and Tames Roads. In 1969 it was finally moved to its present location where it became Strathbogie Group School.

Over the years many other schools opened in the area, some being only a few miles apart. They included:

Strathbogie West which was later known as Kithbrook

Kelvin View

Strathbogie South

Strathbogie North East

Strathbogie North, later renamed TooRour

Strathbogie East

Strathbogie South


Harry’s Creek