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Peranbin Primary College is a unique multi-campus school. Formed in 1994, at the height of school closure decisions made by the government of the time, Peranbin was viewed as a way for small schools to retain their identity and future as unique educational settings. At that time our campuses (like many regional schools) had larger enrolment numbers. Peranbin was established with the goal that no school would be disadvantaged by the merger. Originally there were five campuses of Peranbin – Baddaginnie, Strathbogie, Swanpool, Tatong and Violet Town. Tatong has been closed for some time now, and we continue to operate with the remaining four campuses. True to the ethos of the original Peranbin set up, the Baddaginnie and Swanpool campuses have operated across the two campuses on alternate weeks since 2007.  The multi-campus model has allowed the communities and students to enjoy access to a wide range of educational and social opportunities over the last 26 years.

The multi-campus model allows us to provide specialist curriculum in the Arts, Health and Physical Education, Indonesian language, Music and Environmental Science on a weekly basis. Our current enrolments have stabilised at around 75 students. I can say with confidence that our programs match those offered by the larger schools around us. Our teacher to student ratio is unmatched. Our small class groups allow all staff to get to know the students and their families well. This is pointed out to me time and time again when I speak with our families.

When I arrived in 2018, I saw it as a great opportunity to work in a unique school setting. As I got to know the communities and staff, I found there to be a genuine desire for the school to be the best it could be. I found a School Council and staff willing to work together to improve. This in turn has guided my approach to leading the college. My vision is for the campuses to fully engaging with the vision of Peranbin (translates as “Coming together” )whilst retaining their individual identities.  I believe this is possible, and I am committed to working towards this goal.

I invite you to come on the journey with us all.